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PAHRC January 2001 Newsletter
Hunt Test News
President Jason Goins has mailed the application along with the $110.00 fee,  for the Spring Hunt and it has been approved by UKC for MAY 5th & 6th.
New officers have been elected and are as follows:
President... Jason Goins
Vice-President... Ed Anthony
Treasurer... Steve Ybarzabal
Secretary... Dotty Ward
Duck Dog Event?
Further discussion was held in regards to holding a Duck Dog Event.

Steve Ward made a motion to hold the Spring Hunt with a Hot Shot event and to hold the Duck Dog Event in the early fall between Hunts. The motion was seconded by Johnny Meyers and passed by unanimous vote.

Johnny Meyers was to attend a meeting January 22 with possible sponsors for the Duck Dog Event and will give a report to the club at the Febuary meeting.
Lance Morgan &
Richard Shea step up to the challenge!
Ed Anthony nominated Lance Morgan for Hunt Test Chairman and Richard Shea as Co-Chairman. Roger Deweese seconded the nomination. The nomination was passed by unanimous vote.

Both Lance and Richard are excited about their new positions.

Everyone in the club needs to give them a lot of support for taking on such important jobs.

Hats off to Jason
The Club owes a special thank you and debt of gratitude to Jason Goins for depositing funds out of his own pocket to save the Club from incurring service charges agianst the checking account.

Thank you Jason for your consideration to the Clubs welfare.
Bits & Pieces
Steve Ybarzabal suggested that the Club webaddress be put on the Hunt Test Premium. All agreed.

Steve & Dotty Ward agreed to call Judges for the Spring Hunt.

Jason Goins agreed to call Joe Eaton for a list of Judges and previous premium database.

Roger Deweese agreed to call about birds for the Spring Hunt.

Johnny Meyers agreed to contact Tim to reserve the grounds for the Hunt.
FEB. 5th
6:30 P.M.
Ed Anthony's

Anyone wishing to train may arrive early.

The new officers hope to see all the membership at the next meeting. It is alot of fun getting together with "dog" people and sharing a common interest. A great deal of work and effort go into running a successful club.

 Each and every member is important to the Club. Many hands make a heavy burden light.

You get out whatever you put in. Let us each pitch in and do our part to make PAHRC the most enjoyable Club in the region.
"The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything else." 1899 Edward John Phelps

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