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Newsletter    February. 2001

Next Meeting!!!

Date: March 5, 2001

Place: Ed Anthony's

7:00 pm
Doug and Vicki Wynn lost their loving companion and hunting partner of 11 years, Cinder, Saturday, Feb. 10th. Click on Cinder's picture to learn what a great retriever she was. PAHRC's most sincere sympathy is with Doug and Vicki.
A motion was made by Steve Ward to change the time of the meetings from 6:30pm to 7:00pm, in the hope that it would be easier for people to attend the meetings and increase attendance. The motion was seconded by Lance Morgan. All members present approved.

Come early for
Margaret Anthony has earned a new title:
Grandmother (Extroardinaire)
Lets make it our best yet!
It was determined that we would need approximatly 175 birds for the hunt and 8 cases of poppers. Also, we will probably need to order some more rossette ribbons.
It has been decided to keep entry fees the same as last year.

We recieved our first entry for the hunt!
What to do with all that free dog food?

Johnny Myers suggested that the free dog food that we get from Purina be donated to the local Humane Shelter in the Club's name. Way to go Johnny! Great idea. All present approved.

Spring         Hunt
Test         update:
Johnny Myers volunteered to be in charge of the food for both days of the hunt. A motion was made by Lance Morgan to accept, Ed Anthony seconded the motion. All present agreed.

Lance Morgan's father has graciously volunteered to prepare lunch for both days of the Hunt.
 Thank you Mr. Morgan.

Marshalls List:
Started: Susan Martin
Seasoned: Jason Goins
Finished A: Ed Anthony
Finished B: Sean Pegram

Hunt Test Committee:
Johnny Meyers
Lance Morgan
Richard Shea
Roger Deweese

Roger Deweese will be in charge of arranging for the birds for the test.

Steve Ybarzabal is checking on birdboys.

It was decided to have a gun raffle only. The Hotshot winner will recieve a cash prize.

Lance Morgan will provide to pump shotguns,  VP Ed Anthony and President Jason Goins will provide one gun each.

Game Stewards:
Roger Deweese
Jerry Trexler

Official Gun:
Steve Ward