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PAHRC December 2000 News Letter
Report for the December 4th Meeting.

Christmas Party

A very good time was had by all the members in attendance at the Christmas Party held at Ed Anthony's home on December 4th. We were treated to Elk Chili, Deer, Dove and Quail  with various side dishes and snacks. Thanks go out to Ed and Margaret for providing the club with a place for the party and for the wonderful food. Also, we would like to thank Steve Ybarzabl for the great Jambalaya he prepared made with Deer Sausage. It was wonderful! Thank you all.
January 2001 Meeting:

Place: Ed Anthony's

Time: 6:30 PM

Date: January 8, 2001
This will be our annual meeting. All members please attend.
December Meeting Minutes:

Jason Goins nominated Dotty Ward to serve as Hunt Test Secretary for the Spring 2001 Hunt Test. The nomination was seconded by Ed Anthony and passed by unanimous vote.

Steve Ward volunteered to design a web site PAHRC at no charge. Johnny Myers moved to approve the construction of the web site, Lance Morgan seconded the motion and was passed by unanimous vote. See attached form for information needed by all members for the web site.

Follow the link to get an online form.

Items of Discussion
Duck Dog festival to be held before our Spring Hunt Test, with the hopes of raising enough money and adding new working members to the Club to further our chances of actually holding the 2 day Test.
Upcoming Changes:

The January issue of the Newsletter will be sent via the internet for all members with e-mail addresses. All others will receive a hardcopy via snail mail. Once the web site is up, the current newsletter and previous newsletters will be posted on the site for all members to access. There are several advantages to sending the newsletter this way. It will save PAHRC over $100.00 per year in postage and you will receive it much faster.

Please contact Dotty Ward with your e-mail address by the January meeting. A new membership list will be issued to include the e-mail address for each member with the January Newsletter.

You may contact Dotty Ward by:
Phone: 573-683-2735
Snail mail:
310 East Commercial
Charleston, Mo. 63834

Have a Safe and Happy

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